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What is this Site about?

India is a country rich in culture and heritage. 

History in Color contains 1200+ Old and Historic Photographs of India from (1800s to 1940s) restored using advanced image processing techniques and colorized with deep machine learning.

How were these pictures colorized and restored? Are the Colors in the image accurate?

These photographs were colorized using Deoldify. DeOldify is a state of the art way to colorize black & white images. After Colorization images are color corrected and increased in resolution to upto 8K and processed with other advanced image processing. 

The original images were in black and white. We do not have much information on what the real colors were in the photographs. The Colors of the photographs are by a best guess and is not the one that was when the photograph was taken. Since these are done by machine learning, there are some glitches in some of the photographs. We are constantly updating the content, so as to bring these old photographs to life.

Where can I find the Original Black and White pictures?

Images in this site are in public domain. Most of the can be found in British Library’s Image gallery.

Searching for the title/caption of the image will bring up the original black and white picture in search results.